Experiments in execution

We often confuse ourselves in the space between the idea and its execution.

1. The execution is the sum of your activities to give your idea form. You may need to experiment with many different forms until you find one that sticks.

2. Most of our confusion in execution is borne from a lack of clarity, itself due to a lack of clear insights that we usually uncover through research. In digital product design, that involves the whole “speaking to our end users” thing. In painting, it might involve several studies, or explorations of technique, hue, and color combinations, etc.

3. Another common mistake is to believe your idea can maintain its “purity” after you’ve given it form. This leads to a fallacy wherein you believe the first, ephemeral iteration of your idea is the best one.

4. Whether its form is a digital product, or a wooden chair, a home, or a canvas painting, the act of translating the idea from a mere concept to an object with mass is fundamental to its evolution and to its capacity to take hold.

If you’re stuck:

1. Ask questions, research & learn.
2. Write down & map the different constituent parts you need to give form to your idea.
3. Start mixing & matching the different combinations, ratios, & flows between these parts in pursuit of a form that will let your idea take hold.
4. Invert


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